Thursday, February 21, 2013

Artful Reading Club - February 2013

This month I read:  Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.  My granddaughter just read this book for a English Class in High School and I decided to see what they were having students read.
  This is a true story told by Mitch Albom about his professor.  Once I started reading this book I did not want to put it down.   While in college these two men develop a relationship that meant a lot to both with a promise of keeping in contact.  But life happens and things get in the way of reuniting until 20 years later when Mitch learns that Morrie is dying of ALS.  Mitch makes a trip every Tuesday to visit Morrie who knows he is dying and what his ending will be like.  Morrie attempts to hold on to his dignity while his body is failing him.  Morrie has great wisdom to pass on about life to his former college student and these weekly meetings are exchanges of conversations that may not be what everyone wants to hear.  I know some people would say what Morrie told Mitch was sappy information that everyone knows about life but do not practice because we live in a busy world.  Most people are in the fast lane trying to get to the top, make the most money and step on whoever is in the way.  This is not the life Morrie talks about.
So while I give this book a high rating, I realize it is not for everyone.  It deals with life and death and some of the ugly things that happens to your body when you have a disease. This book may not be your cup of tea.
My artwork is again another collage.  I decided to use an old calendar to make my collage.  I wanted to stress that these men met only on Tuesdays and made Tuesdays my main focus of the collage.  I  marked Tuesdays with a red star to set that day apart from the others. I finished with a numbers stencil.

My Collage: