Friday, April 26, 2013

Artful Reading Club - April 2013

This month I chose to read Ransomed Dreams by Amy Wallace.  This was the first book in a series called Defenders of Hope Series.

The books starts out on New Year's Eve with the family mom, dad and 2 children planning on how they were going to spend theirs News Year's Eve.  A deadly car crash leaves dad and the 2 children dead and mom with the memory of following behind them in another vehicle, seeing the family van being struck and looking into the face of the driver who kills her family and leaves the scene.

What follows in the books is how Gracie continues on with her life without her family.  She continues to see the family van go over the embankment in her dreams.  She wears a locked necklace to remember the faces of her children.  Gracie's live continues on, she moves, teaches school but continues to pressure the police to find the person who killed her family.

The book goes in several directions involving diplomats whose children attend her school and have to be guarded due to threats of kidnapping.  One of her students has a father who is a police officer and he works for the child protection unit.  Steven and Gracie become involved but both come with a lot of left over baggage that must be sorted out.

So you can see where this is going everyone has something to do with bits and pieces of the puzzle.
The characters wrestle with their convictions about God and must resolve issues within themselves.

I can say that I will not be looking for the next book in the series to read.  I find there are way too many books out there to read and this one was not a favorite.

My Collage involves image that I related to the story:  a family van, a bed, a chair with a child's toy left behind, a necklace to remember loved ones.  I inked, collaged and stamped for texture.