Friday, March 30, 2012

Dogwoods in Bloom

This is what my front yard looked like today:

Absolutely beautiful....there is a brick house behind those gorgeous trees.

Melted Crayon Technique by Martha

Melted Crayon Technique is something I learned from watching Martha on Ustream - SeekingforArt.    This was my first attempt at trying it.  While arting I accidently turned over my iron, causing a electric breaker to blow.  Hubby had to go to basement and reset it.  It also turned off the TV in the livingroom which is connected to cable.  So being cable challenged I had to call my daughter to see how to get the cable to come back on and after hubs unplugged the cable box for 10 minutes it came back on.  But here is my end result:

So I need to work on this a little bit....but I love trying new things and I loved the sparkle I got using the glitter crayon.  Will work on some other colors.

Postcard #13 - Turkey

This week finds us in Turkey.  Front of postcard:

The Turkish Fez.

Back of postcard:

Postcard reads:

Dear Ann:  Doing an assignment in Istanbul, Turkey.   I loved spending Easter with you and your family spoiling Andrew and Isabella.  Your family is absolutely fabulous.  I am still getting messages from  Jon Paul but I am no longer answering them.  You would think the man would get the message that I have moved on with my life & he is not part of it.  Give my love to John, Andrew & Isabella. Love and kisses.....Zoey

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Torn Paper Collage

I am taking a free Torn Paper Collage class at our local library.  We were to pick an image we wanted to transfer to a canvas.  Step A:
Next copy image to tracing paper.  StepB:
Next step was to use carbon paper and trace the image on to the canvas.  Step C:

Next step was to work with our colors and determine colors mixing our paints.  Step D:

Next step was to paint the canvas for a background to our paper.  Step E:

Next step was to start collaging using paper.  I used old music sheets for the packground. Step F:

Next step was to add torn paper to the main object.  Well of course I had to select something that was a very hard color to match.  So I selected paper close to the colors I wanted and then I ended up painting the paper to get a close color match.  I then added a ribbon to the bottom of the collage.  Step G - Finished Torn Paper Collage:

So it is finished.  Not sure about the colors and shading as I seem to have lost the shape of the Calla Lillies but I am happy as it is my first attempt at it.  I used Mod Podge as it was what I had on hand.  This was an almost UIU (use it up) project, I purchased the canvas from the teacher for $1.00.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Postscard #12 - Israel

This week finds us in Israel.  Also my story line has taken a twist as postcard is being sent by someone old acquaintance of Zoey.



Here is this week's storyline:

Dear Zoey:
I am doing a documentary in Jerusalem & will be here 2 weeks.  I am so sorry
for deceiving you about my life.  My wife has filed for divorce & gone home to
her family country.  I see a future for us & would love to possibly work together
again & get to know each other better.  Love to meet up with you.  Call me when
you get this.
Love Always....Jon Paul

Well this is a typical man for you.  First of all this is a cheap postcard....probably first
things he saw and just picked it up with no thought at all....plain.   And he has the
nerve to contact Zoey......since his wife has filed for divorce as if this changes everything
and makes it better.

Stay tuned for the next chapter.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Postcard #11 - Netherlands

This week finds us in the Netherlands.  Land of tulips, wooden shoes and windmills.  They also have a beautiful flag which I have found true of many of the countries we have traveled to through the postcard challenge.

Postcard front:

My postcard again is a paper pieced costume of the Netherlands with the cap.  Background was a photo from a garden book of a tulip garden. 

 Postcard back:

Storyline continues:  Dear Ann:  Doing a little free-lance assignment in the Netherlands.  Doing a shoot of the Tulip Festivals.  Enjoying the fantastic costumes, wooden shoes and windmills.  The tulips are absolutely beautiful.  I received a letter from Charles last week.  I think no romance just friendship for us.  Romance must be great in your number 2 on the way.  You lucky girl.  Give my love to Jjohn and Andrew.
Love and kisses....Zoey.

So life continues on for both college roomates.  See you all next week.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Postcard #10 - Canada

I struggled with UIU....Use It Up....this week.  I had a specific piece of paper in mind to use as the background of my post card. I had used it in the past and had none in my stash.  I even drove to my local scrapbook store where I purchased the paper.  Sign on back at I went home.  My daughter called she was stopping by after grandson's dentist appointment.  I asked her to stop by scrapbook store for me and pick up that one little piece of paper.....they were still closed.  It was destiny.....I was meant to continue with UIU on my that is what I did.  Thanks Fran for UIU.

This week finds us in Canada.  I did my usual research about Canada and found many interesting facts.  I loved the flag and thought about doing a flag....but decided to get back to my fashion theme and decided to check out the uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
So my story is about a photo shoot of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and I decided to paper piece a uniform.


The uniform was completely paper pieced.  I found an image I liked on the internet and selected scrapbook papers that matched the colors of the uniform.  I started with the boots...cut them out....inked in the details.
Then I cut out a pair of pants.  Next was the uniform jacket.  I then added the belt, buttons, pockets and the neckline and shoulder emblems were added.  Each piece was inked for details and all edges were inked.
Last item was the hat.  I made several attempts at adding a face to the uniform but I failed miserably with the faces so I went with the fashion concept.  Placed uniform on scrapbook paper and did a tag with twine.
I was very happy with my paperpieced uniform.    I know I need to practice making faces for future reference.


Story continues with:

Dear Ann:
I love my Canada doing a special about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  The men
are fantastic to work with, love what they do & are very handsome.  I am so over that other guy.
I have a date with Charles who is one of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the shoot.
We shall see what happens.  Arm is all healed back to my old self.  Give my love to John and
Andrew. Love and kisses ...Zoey.

Ten postcards down and only 42 more to go.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pop Up Card

Another UIU project.  First attempt at a pop-up card.  Modeled after old card that had a pop- up mechanism in it and attempt to reproduce it.  This was a birthday card for a 5 year old so I overdid the decorations.  Card will be hand delivered....but I made the front look like it was going to be mailed.

The cupcake and the tag behind it that says Happy Birthday to You...both pop up.  I will probably try and make a few more of these cards in the future.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Postcard #9 - Switzerland

This week finds us in Switzerland.  When I did my fact finding on Switzerland I was having trouble deciding on what I wanted to do.  I love the flag, checked out the costumes of the country, famous landmarks, art, Heidi and the landscape.  So my postcard is about the
landscape.  My postcard was done by paper piecing all of the items, a little paint and a little stickles. Front:

Story line continues:  This week the postcard is from Ann to her husband John.

Dear John
John just wanted to let you know how much I love you.  Thanks for taking care of Andrew so I could come to Switzerland with Zoey to the ski resort to help her mend her broken heart after learning Jon Paul was married with 3 children.  She fell while skiing and broke her arm so now I am on mended heart and mended arm duty.  Give Andrew a hug and a kiss for me.  See you soon.  Love and Kisses Ann.


Another week completed......we have to wait and see where we go next.