Thursday, May 31, 2012

Post Card Week 22 - Thailand


This week finds us in Thailand.  Again my postcard was made UIU - using it up with supplies that I already had on hand.  I decided to again try watercoloring.....I had not done this since my first attempt in Spain.  I sketched a house on stilts and a waterbus that I found in a Thailand travel picture.

Front of Card:
Back of Card:

I have progressed the storyline ahead a year.  Zoey has just celebrated her one year anniversary after the honeymoon in a castle in England in the land postcard.

July 12, 1997
Dear Ann:
Doing a quick photo shoot in Thailand.  Should be back to the states in a couple of days.  It is hard to believe Bill and I just celebrated our first anniversary.  Bill is in California this week doing research on a new project for his company.  We expect to be home in a few days before your party.  Hugs and kisses to John, Andrew & Isabella.  Call you when I get home. Zoey.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ICAD - Index-Card-A-Day

I am going to give this a shot for the month of June and July 2012.
Here is my packet of index cards ready go to go.  I made a cover, dated stamped each
card in hopes of getting started on Friday with my first ICAD challenge.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alexis Graduation from 5th Grade

Wanted to post that another grandchild has graduated from Cynthia Heights and will be moving on to middle school next year.  Alexis had graduation program this morning and we went out to lunch after the program.  I love sitting in the gym for the graduation program......I also attend the same school.

Here are a few pics to celebrate the occasion:

Congrats can now join Jacob in middle school.

Postcard Challenge Week 21 - England

This week's postcard is again another UIU (Use It Up) project.  Everything used in this postcard was already in my stash.

My postcard from Africa storyline left us with a wedding come up in 3  months.  I had decided Darcy would direct where the honeymoon was going to take place.  And ENGLAND is our honeymoon destination.  What girl wouldn't want to honeymoon in England in a Castle.....see a theme coming here.

Postcard Front:
Thoresby Hall is an actual Hotel and used for weddings in Nottinghamshire, England.
I was able to find this photograph in a garden book I have been using for collages.  A
Castle for a honeymoon.....perfect.

Postcard Back:

Postcard Reads:
June 02, 1996
Dear Ann:
I just wanted to thank you for helping me find the perfect destination for our Honeymoon in
England.  What a dear friend you are to help me with all of the details.  Guys don't think about the
Princess and Castle thing but I am so happy to be making Zoey's dreams come true.  Can't wait
to become her Prince on June 21st.  Love Bill

Friday, May 18, 2012

Postcard Week 20 - West Africa

This week's postcard is again another Use It Up project.  I was able to make the postcard with supplies I had on hand.

Postcard Front:

I did my research on West Africa and was intrigued by the Tribal Masks and learned that most of the masks have a spiritual or religious linking to them.  My mask was drawn in pencil and colored in with markers.  It was placed on a paper and title added.

Postcard Back:

Postcard Reads:
March 17, 1996
Dear Ann:
Doing a shoot in Nigeria, West Africa on Tribal masks and culture clothing.  Only here for 2 days.  I told them I need plenty of time for wedding details. Can hardly believe in 3 months I will be married to Bill.  He is planning the honeymoon and is keeping the location a secret.  See you in 10 days for final fittings of our dresses.  Love and kisses.....Zoey

Friday, May 11, 2012

Postcard Week 19 - Bulgaria

This week again was a UIU - Use It Up project.  Grandchildren's baseball season has started and with games every night and sometimes 2 a night....I have been simplifying my postcards to keep up.  I am afraid if I get behind I will never catch I went with simple.

Postcard Front:
I went with the flag.  I used white paint, green and red ink.  Cut letter on my Cricut and there is a very simple postscard.

Postcard Back:
I have continued to keep my postcards the same on the back side.  My storyline has jumped two and a half years to the year 1995.  I did research on Bulgaria and found that the heavy metal group Iron Maiden did a concert in Sophia, Bulgaria on October 16, I jumped my storyline to that year.

Postcards reads:
October 17, 1995
Dear Ann:
What a night in Sofia, Bulgaria doing a shoot for the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.  I love these freelance assignments and I was able to bring Bill along.  Drum Roll please....we can start plannning my wedding because we set a date after a year long engagement.  Who would have thought my love was in my life all of this time.  Love and kisses....Zoey.

If you will recall our New Zealand postcard left Zoey on family vacation with her brother and family and his high school friend, Bill Moore.    So the story jumped ahead.....after many months of dating off and on, Zoey and Bill are  in love and got engaged......after a year long date is set.......we shall see what happens next.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 18 Postcard - New Zealand

This week's postcard was made with UIU - Use it Up with products that I already had on hand.  Nothing new was purchased for this postcard.

This week's postcard finds us in New Zealand.  I did some research and found there were lot of trees, birds, sheep and water around New Zealand.  I  tried a new technique that I learned from Martha-SeekingforArt on Ustream.  It was melting crayons with an iron and working the colors onto paper.
The background of my postcard used various greens and purple crayons and topped with a glitter crayon to give the background sparkle.  The background may not show up well on the scanned postcard but it is absolutely beautiful.  You get different background  with each swipe of the iron and melted crayon.
I added a title and photo from National Geographic Magazine to complete the postcard front.

Back of postcard:

Card reads:
March 11, 1993
Dear Ann:
Having a wonderful vacation in New Zealand with my brother and his family and friends.
They had been planning this family vacation for a few years.  New Zealand is beautiful.
Brother's friend from high school, Bill Moore, tagged along.  I had such a crush on him.
Maybe I still do.  We have plans for dinner when we get home.
Love and kisses....Zoey.

It looks like Zoey may have found romance right in her own backyard.  We shall see how
this new romance plays out for her.