Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Calendar

Made this calendar from Jen ... Ozegran....on the Stream-a-thon today.  This was what she was making during her streams.

It has been wonderful watching these fantastic ladies stream all day long.

Here is my calendar:

My last project of the year to use for the next year.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Postcard #52 - Mexico

The last week of challenge finds us in Mexico.  I checked out my books and found a great costume for the region and went with it.  Paper pieced, title and inking.

Postcard Front:
Postcard Back:
Postcard Reads:
Last postcard is addressed to Darcy W.
December 28, 2012
Dear Darcy:
We wanted to thank you for the wonderful places our families have been able to
visit and learn about due to your challenge.  We were college room-mates, had
successful  careers and wonderful families.  Hope you enjoyed our journey from
January 3, 1985 to December 28, 2012.
THANK YOU    Ann and Zoey

Sad for the journey to end but I am so excited that I actually completed the full challenge.
While it was not always been easy, it is the idea that I started it and wanted to finish it.  It has made me realize that I am really a scrapbooker and not an artist.  I love doing new techniques but I love
paper and glue.  It has been interesting learn facts about these countries.  There are a few I would love to see myself and not through the eyes of my characters.

Here is a picture of my completed 2012 Postcard  Challenge Book, it is absolutely full. I could have used a few more pockets.

THANK YOU DARCY...........fabulous challenge.  I am ready for the book challenge.


While the holidays are exciting and I love having the family together, it is always nice to unwind after all of the food and get-together are over.  We had a very nice Christmas with kids, grand kids and family.  Then had another get-together with in-laws and then had kids fly in Christmas night for a few days stay and enjoying their company all with a snow storm.  So they are able to do a little sled riding while they are home.

I got a wonderful gift my my granddaughter, Victoria.  She made me a beautiful wall hanging names of all of the grand kids:

 I absolutely love this gift.  Thank you Victoria, I love it.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Postcard #51 - Greenland

This week finds us in Greenland.  I know nothing about Greenland.  I checked out one of my map books to check out the location.  I did an online check and liked the looks of the flag.  So I combined the flag and map for this postcard.

Postcard Front:
Postcard Back:
Postcard Reads:
May 11, 2012
Dear Zoey:
This is a wonderful project here in Greenland.  I am so glad you are coming here
to meet me next week.  It is beautiful and want you to see it with me.  My work
will be done and we will see the sights together.
Hugs and Kisses Bill

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Postcard #50 Hawaii

Thank you Darcy for giving us the rest of the destinations ahead of time.  Time saving for me and greatly appreciated.

This week finds us in Hawaii....have never been there but would love to go.  Checking out my travel books and found a great picture, did a title and inked edges.  (I feel as though my cards are getting skimpy but with Holidays and silly us took a week of vacation in December, I am just happy to keep up.)

Postcard Front:
Postcard Back:
Card Reads:
August 21, 2011
Dear Zoey:
John and I are having a wonderful time in Hawaii.  Long awaited 2nd honeymoon.
Can't believe we have been married 26 time flies when you are in love.
Hugs and Kisses Ann and John

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Postcard #49 - Sweden

This last week found me in Daytona Beach, Florida for 7 I did not get time to do postcard until today.

Again a very fast card using flag keep me up to date.

Postcard front:
Postcard back:
Postcard reads:
February 21, 2011
Dear Bill:
Having so much fun in Sweden with Ann.  It is
great working together on her newspaper special.
Getting great photos for her special.  Thanks for
keeping the home front going while I am off with Ann.
Hugs and kisses to you and the kids.
Love Zoey

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Postcard #48 Argentina

This week finds us in Aregentina.  Again I looked up what the map looked like and since I love blue I decided to make a map.  It was rather plain so I went to my book and found an Argentinian Cowboy and he was a perfect match for my I did some paper piecing and inking, title and there I had my postcard.

Postcard Front:
Postcard Back:
Postcard Reads:
October 12, 2010
Dear Ann:
I can't  believe I got a photo shoot in Argentina.  It has been a while since I worked and
jumped at the chance for a 3 day shoot.  So good to be back doing a little work.  Seems just like
old times.  Hugs and kisses....Love Zoe

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Postcard #47 Jamaica

This week finds us in Jamaica.  So I decided to send my characters on a much need adult vacation without the children.

Postcard front:
Postcard back:
Material was found in a travel magazine, cut and pasted.

Postcard reads:

June 13, 2010
Dear Ann:
I can't wait for you and John to join Bill and myself at the couples resort in Jamaica.
10 whole days of fun in the sun.  The kids will be away at computer camp and are excited
about being away at the same time.  See you soon....Love Zoey

Monday, November 12, 2012

Postcard #46 Tibet

This week finds us in Tibet.  I did my usual research on the computer and came across this image that I wanted to use as it goes with my story.

Postcard Front:

Postcard Back:

Postcard reads:
November 13, 2009
Dear Zoey and Kids:
I saw this postcard and wanted my family to know this is why I am away from them so much.
So that children in other countries have hospitals & libraries that will make their future better.
Construction plans are going well.  See you in a week. Hugs Kisses Love Dad

Friday, November 9, 2012

Postcard #45 Monaco

This week finds us in Monaco and it found me out of town for a few days.  So I am behind on posting.
This week I went with the flag which was

Postcard Front:

Postcard Back:

Card Reads:
September 3, 2009
Dear Zoey:  I it is hard to believe that Sophia will be 10 years old on the 15th.  She has grown so fast I can't believe how lucky we are.  Work here in Monaco will wrap up in 7 day and will be home in time for
party.  Hugs Kisses Love Bill

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Postcard #44 Slovenia

Week 44 finds us in Slovenia.  I knew absolutely nothing about Slovenia.  After reviewing it on the computer I found many pictures of lovely places and landscape that I would love to personally see.
But I also went to my go to book and found costumes of Slovenia that I loved because of the colors. So I took that route again.

Postcard Front:
Postcard Back:
Postcard Reads:
June 12, 2008
Dear Zoey:
Here I am again on the road while you and the kids are holding down the home front.  Five more
days and then home to my family.  Saw this postcard and knew it was for you.  Hugs Kiss Love

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Postcard #43 - Finland

This week finds us in Finland.  I did some research on Finland.....loved the flag.  Saw that you could see Santa Claus Village, Lapland, Finland and the Northern Lights all at one place.  So I went with this theme.

Postcard Front:
Postcard Back:

To make my postcard base I used Alcohol Inks to create a look of Northern Lights (well so so).
I added Santa and a tree to go with the theme.

Card Reads:
December 15, 2007
Dear Ann:
Having a wonderful time with Bill & the kids.  We are
visiting Santa Claus Village in Finland for a few days.
Going to see the Northern Lights and check in on Santa Claus.
Nice to travel with the kids. Love Zoey

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Postcard #42 - Russia

This week finds us in Russia.  I did a little research about the Russian Map.  Also used translator and wrote title (Russia) in Russian.  I used an image I found on line for the Russian Dolls.

Postcard Front:
Postcard Back:
Postcard Reads:
January 31, 2007
Dear Sophia:
Hi baby really misses you and Samuel.
Working on hospital for children here in Russia.
Sending you a little picture of Russian Dolls....
just maybe I can find a set for my girl.  Miss you,
Samuel and Mom.  Love & Kisses DAD

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Postcard #41 - Scotland

This week finds us in Scotland.  I had more time this week so I actually finished early and was able to do a little research on Scotland.  I liked the flag and thought I would us it for the background of a costume. I know you are all probably tired of seeing these costumes....but I had already started deconstructing this book and did not know when I would ever get the chance to use it again, so I am continuing with the destruction.

Postcard front:
Postcard back:
Postcard Reads:
July 25, 2006
Dear Ann:
Having such a good time in Scotland with Bill and the children. It is great doing a freelance
article on Scotland and being able to take my family along.  We are checking out our ancestors
while we are here. Beautiful country. Hugs & kisses.....Love Zoey

Friday, October 5, 2012

Postcard #40 - Portugal

This week finds us in Portugal.  I am still having computer problems....using old hard drive that seems to have a mind of it own and only lets me do certain things.  We also have had our annual Fall Festival going on all week and we have gone for lunch and dinner every day this week.  It is a great support of a lot of local churches and non-profit groups.

Postcard Front:
Postcard Back:
Postcard reads:
February 1, 2006
Dear Ann:
Thank you so much for keeping the kids on such short notice.  I was so happy to be able to go do this special project on Portugal Culture for my old magazine.  Nice to be asked for special assignments to keep me out there.  Love & kisses to Sophia & Samuel.....Love Zoey

Friday, September 28, 2012

Postcard #39 Czech Republic

This week finds us in Czech Republic.  As I have had computers problems I am late posting.  I am working  on a somewhat limping computer.  My new computer was to be delivered today so I was putting off
posting until new computer was hooked up.  It was delivered by FedEx and my husband immediately
unpacked it and set it up.  We have always used HP computers and this time I was getting a much larger computer from Gateway.  It would not power up.    Very disappointed.....thought I was going to be using a super duper computer and back to my limping computer.

Postcard front:
Postcard back:
Postcard reads:
October 12, 2005
Dear Zoey:  Just want to drop you a note and let you know that things are going very slow here in
Czech Republic on the hospital wing.  We are having trouble with the labor and materials.  Looks
like I will be here for an extended stay.  Love & kisses to Sophia, Samuel and yourself.  Love Bill.

I again used an image from the book I found a while back.  Have enjoyed seeing the clothing of the
countries and using them in my postcards.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Postcard #37 Greece & #38 Dubai

While vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida I got behind in making my cards.  The advantage was that I new the 2 destinations and was able to incorporate my story line together in the cards.

PostCard #37 Greece Front:
Greece Back:
Postcard reads:
January 31, 2004
Dear Zoey:
I have been very busy here in Greece setting up the construction site for the children's library.
Hopefully things will be done in 10 days and then I am off to Dubai for 3 days meeting with
new client.  Miss you and the kids. Love & kisses to Sophia, Samuel & yourself. Love Bill

Postcard #38 Dubai:
Dubai Back:
Postcard reads:
February 12, 2004
Dear Zoey:
Met with new clients here in Dubai and we have worked out most of the details for a new hospital wing. Construction should start in about 30 days. I will be home before you get this card.  Miss you and the kids. Love & kisses to Sophia, Samuel and yourself. Love Bill

Monday, September 3, 2012

Postcrd #36 - Egypt

This week finds us in Egypt.  I was excited to see this come up as I had purchased some bookmarkers at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago thinking we had not gone to Egypt yet and this subjects were perfect.

I know I am early but going on vacation and wanted to get my postcard done and posted so I wouldn't be behind.


Back reads:
August 3, 2003
Dear Zoey:
Zoey I really miss you, Sophia & Samuel. I have decided this project is not for my company.  There is another construction site that I want to check out while I am here in Egypt.  Hoping it will be a better fit for us.  Love and kisses to Sophia, Samuel and of course my gorgeous wife, Zoey.

This was not a UIU postcard this week as I purchased the bookmarks.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Postcard #35 - Hungary

This week finds us in Hungary.  I again went to my folkart book and found costumes of people of Hungary.  Title and ink......very simple.  Going on vacation next week and will be gone so not sure if I will be able to get postcard done next week before leaving on Wednesday.  If not will post 2 weeks when I return.

Card reads:
March 13, 2003
Dear Ann:
Bill and I attended the opening ceremony for the Budapest Hungary Sports arena.
Bill's company was a big part of getting this area finished so quickly.  I can't believe
we are away from the children for a few days.  I miss them and can't wait to return
home.  Hug Sophia and Samuel for me, hugs & kisses to John, Andrew & Isabella.
Love Zoey

This was a UIU project:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Postcard #34 - Japan

This week finds us in Japan.  I again took a look at my National Geographics to check out pictures about Japan.  I checked out the web for pictures .  Deciding this week that I should actually spend a little more time on the postcard, I opted to create my own card.  So I studied the Cherry Blossoms and did my card with markers.  I created the stems, blossoms and leaves, matted picture.....wasn't very hard.  Very Simple Postcard.


Story line continues with Zoey and Bill still unable to have a baby after Sophia.  Bill travels with his business and met a family that knew of a boy who was 5 years old....named Samuel who was abandoned in Japan.  Samuel was believed to have had an American mother and Japanese father but the facts are really sketchie at the orphanage.  After Bill saw Samuel he instantly fell in love with
the little boy. 

Postcard reads:
May 9, 2002
Dear Ann:
Cherry Blossom time in Japan.  Beautiful time of year to adopt Samuel.  Thank you for keeping
Sophia while Bill & I cut through the red tape to get Samuel home from Japan.  I can't believe
we will have a 5 year old & almost 3 year old when we return home.  Hug Sophia for me, hugs
& kisses to John, Andrew & Isabella.  Love Zoey

This was a UIU project:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Postcard #33 South Africa

This week finds us in South Africa.  Again I was pressed for time.....looked through my old National Geographics and found a map of South Africa. 

Postcard Reads:
November 23, 2001
Dear Zoey:
Zoey I really miss you and Sophia.  Wonderful project here in South Africa.  Plans for the children's wing of the hospital is coming along.  This will be a great asset for the children.  Very proud to be part of this project.  See you soon.  Can't wait for Thanksgiving with my family.  Love you and Sophia......Bill

Another UIU project:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gate Fold Album

I recently took a class at my local scrapbook store, Make Time to Create.  Teacher was Jen Starr from Ranger.  It was a great class, lots of fun, great bunch of ladies..  Class took a little longer than planned and I was not able to finish album during the class but kept plugging along as I did not want another unfinished project.  Just need to add photos but basics done.

Album Cover:
First Inside Page:
Next Page:
Next Page:
Last Page:
Close up last page:
Album flipped open:
Back Cover: