Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodwill Outlet Store Haul in St. Louis MO

Thursday my husband and I decided to go to St. Louis, MO, a 175 mile trip for us and shop at the Goodwill Outlet Store.  The Goodwill Outlet Stores are a very different kind of store.....items are sold by the pound.  Books and glass are $.39 a pound and other items are $.79 a pound.   Furniture is individually priced.  We shopped 4 hours on Thursday and 6 hours on Friday.   We had a fantastic time.  We spent hours and hours rooting around in the bins.  Hubby took a picture unknown to me of me checking out the bins (me in the middle---didn't I look tired and need to comb my hair).  But rooting was well worth the time.  Some of my craft finds:

Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils - 24 - brand new in the tin (my hubby found these for me)
Stampin Up - Classic stampin ink - Set of 12 Earth Elements inks (again brand new in the box)
3 sets of Stampin Up  Stamps (in containers)
Packaged embellishments, ribbons, buttons, stickers, rubbons and some paper.  Most of these items were still packaged. the weight these items pictured cost me $5.25.....that is right $5.25....what a bargain.
We had the best time and can't wait to do it trip will be back to Indianapolis to the Outlet Store.  We have done that  several times but I did not find as many great bargains but we  love looking. Bob spends most of his time looking for books to resell and usually finds a lot of good ones to resell.

This is only part of the books.

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