Friday, April 13, 2012

Postcard #15 - Iceland

This week finds us in Iceland.  I chose a picture I found on the internet of a church in Iceland that was actually covered in green grass.  Picture was printed in black/white.  I tried something new and used my StampinUp markers to add the colored detail to the
photograph.  I paper pieced an Iceland Flag on top of the church.


October 18, 1991
Dear Ann:
Just a quick note to let you know I am on special assignment in Iceland doing a documentary.  This is a freelance assignment...expanding my horizons.  I have plans to meet Marc when I get back to the states.  Taking him to meet my parents.  I am so thrilled that you and John fell in love with him when you can to New York City for your kid free weekend.  Missed seeing the kids.  Give my love to John, Andrew & Isabella.
Love and Kisses ....Zoey


  1. How interesting. It looks like it grew out of the ground. You did a fabulous job with the markers and the flag!

  2. Lovely! I saw some really cool images in Google of houses like this.

  3. What a lovely postcard. very well done, excellent colours..

  4. These made me wonder if they are warmer in Winter and if you have to hose the roof in Summer to keep it green???
    I really would like a Summer house like that one day... :)
    Love your postcard! Great image and good coloring! ♥

  5. This is a fantastic postcard! Love the cottage and all the greens. :)

  6. I could so live in a house like that...the smell of fresh cut grass every few days permeating the whole house mmmmmmmm.....:D XXX

  7. ohhh I love this little church, how fab is that roof. i especially like the stone wall at the front.

  8. Very effective coloring, I love how it turned out.

  9. I love the grass on the roof. We have a school near us that has a grass roof, it looks really cool :o)

  10. Beautiful card! I love those buildings with grass on the roof. They just seem so romantic to me. Nice job on the coloring!

  11. Super postcard of the turf house.

    I am visiting Jen and using her computer that is why this comment looks as though she has posted it.

    Janet xx

  12. The colouring looks great. Lovely card.
    Jen x