Monday, September 3, 2012

Postcrd #36 - Egypt

This week finds us in Egypt.  I was excited to see this come up as I had purchased some bookmarkers at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago thinking we had not gone to Egypt yet and this subjects were perfect.

I know I am early but going on vacation and wanted to get my postcard done and posted so I wouldn't be behind.


Back reads:
August 3, 2003
Dear Zoey:
Zoey I really miss you, Sophia & Samuel. I have decided this project is not for my company.  There is another construction site that I want to check out while I am here in Egypt.  Hoping it will be a better fit for us.  Love and kisses to Sophia, Samuel and of course my gorgeous wife, Zoey.

This was not a UIU postcard this week as I purchased the bookmarks.


  1. great colours. nice postcard. have a great time.

  2. lol this totally confused me being early haha great card, have a lovely vacation.

  3. Great card, have a relax vacation.