Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Postcard #48 Argentina

This week finds us in Aregentina.  Again I looked up what the map looked like and since I love blue I decided to make a map.  It was rather plain so I went to my book and found an Argentinian Cowboy and he was a perfect match for my I did some paper piecing and inking, title and there I had my postcard.

Postcard Front:
Postcard Back:
Postcard Reads:
October 12, 2010
Dear Ann:
I can't  believe I got a photo shoot in Argentina.  It has been a while since I worked and
jumped at the chance for a 3 day shoot.  So good to be back doing a little work.  Seems just like
old times.  Hugs and kisses....Love Zoe


  1. Wonderful card! Love it all.

    Janet xx

  2. Great cowboy. I love the pale blue of this flag too. A xx

  3. love the blue colours, a great postcard.x