Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Postcard #41 - Scotland

This week finds us in Scotland.  I had more time this week so I actually finished early and was able to do a little research on Scotland.  I liked the flag and thought I would us it for the background of a costume. I know you are all probably tired of seeing these costumes....but I had already started deconstructing this book and did not know when I would ever get the chance to use it again, so I am continuing with the destruction.

Postcard front:
Postcard back:
Postcard Reads:
July 25, 2006
Dear Ann:
Having such a good time in Scotland with Bill and the children. It is great doing a freelance
article on Scotland and being able to take my family along.  We are checking out our ancestors
while we are here. Beautiful country. Hugs & kisses.....Love Zoey


  1. they are pretty...makes me wonder what American costumes look like.


  2. Love your Scottish Country dancers. A xx

  3. nice idea with the flag. good postcard

  4. Great postcard! Sir Walter Scott has a lot to answer for!!

    Janet xx

  5. I love your card, great use of the flag as your background and your dancers are fab! M

  6. Enjoying seeing the costumes each week. The dancers look good against the flag.
    Jen x