Thursday, February 2, 2012

Did a Little Scrapping Today/MS Walk

I did a little scrapbooking today.  I have a pile of those 8x10 pictures that I didn't know what to do with, so I took a look at the pile and thought why not scrap them.  So this picture was the first one I decided to work on, picture is old.  The baby in the picture, Cody, is now 13.  Thought I would share.  This is my son's family.  Dan, Terri, Amanda and Cody.  They were married 14 years on Monday.  Happy Anniversary.

My son, Dan, has MS (multiple sclerosis) and is no longer able to walk.  He turned 40 in October.  His disease has progressed rather quickly and he is confined to a wheel chair/scooter.  He has a good outlook regarding his illness and decided that he would deal with what he was dealt and not let it cause him to give up. He is still able to drive using hand controls and is able to get around his neighborhood on his motorized scooter.  They don't have a  handicap van so he needs help once he gets to the van, someone has to load the scooter into the van for him and unload when they reach their destination, but they have figured it out and are doing what they have to do.  I am proud of the fact that while he wouldn't wish this disease on anyone, he hasn't given up.

April 21, 2012...we will be participating in the MS walk in Evansville, IN to support Dan's Team.

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