Friday, February 24, 2012

Postcard #8 - Cuba

This week finds us in Cuba.  Since my storyline runs with a fashion photographer, I have again created a postcard with a model in a costume for Mardi Gras.  Zoey is in Santiago, Cuba dong a shoot for Carnival at Mardi Gras.

I found the model sketch on line and printed it out and created the costume by paper piecing  and did a little painting with markers and stickles.


Dear Ann: 
Today is Fat Tuesday....Mardi Gras.  I am in Santiago, Cuba doing a shoot for the Carnival.
Spectacular street musical parties, costumes, dancing.  The whole City is alive with
music and color.  I got a letter from Jon Paul, not certain where this relationship will go.
We are always countries apart and he is holding back something about himself.  We shall
see what it is.  My love to John and Andrew.
Love and Kisses Zoey

I love this Postcard Challenge.  The more postcard I make the better I like it.  I have learned not to stress about the postcard but just go with it.  Sometimes they aren't perfect but I absolutely love doing them.  Thank you Darcy.  Can't wait to see where we go next.  Love the hints about where we might go.


  1. Lovely Layers, makes me happy to look at it <3

  2. Superb postcard. Love the paper layers of her costume. Great visual treat.

    Janet xx

  3. Gorgeous postcard. Love the layers.

  4. a lovely postcard like the way you have layered her skirt...

  5. By the time this challenge ends you change to being a designer of evening gowns!!! Love this weeks outfit! ♥

  6. I want that costume!! Especially as next week I am going to a Brazilian bar...OK not exactly Cuba, but it would fit in!

  7. gorgeous dancer, I love her layered dress. Totally perfect colours too, I would wear that, well if I had the legs lol

  8. The flowers in the background are really pretty. I thin your paper piercing the dress is brilliant. Fab job!

  9. Ha ha ha,

    I did the pages with Darcy and Gina last year, and with other people who dibbed in and out, we are Far From Perfect, but we do have fun, so glad you are loosening up and Having Fun with it, you will learn far more if you are relaxed! I love your dancer, she is beautiful and you got a real sensation of movement in the image.


  10. What a brilliant card ... Love the model! You've captured what I think of when I think of a Cuban dancer!

  11. love your costume and background. great story what is he holding secret?

  12. Love what you've done with thee dress. Great postcard!

  13. Having Fun with our Creativity and Imagination...that's what we are sharing with one another. Thank you for sharing your beautiful expression. Carnival in Santiago...I can hear the music! aloha, Lei

  14. Love the pieced costume and the background. Fabulous postcard.
    Jen x

  15. I think she should find someone else...secrets are a bad place to start any relationship. Your lady on the card looks like she has come straight off the catwalk :D XXX