Friday, March 9, 2012

Postcard #10 - Canada

I struggled with UIU....Use It Up....this week.  I had a specific piece of paper in mind to use as the background of my post card. I had used it in the past and had none in my stash.  I even drove to my local scrapbook store where I purchased the paper.  Sign on back at I went home.  My daughter called she was stopping by after grandson's dentist appointment.  I asked her to stop by scrapbook store for me and pick up that one little piece of paper.....they were still closed.  It was destiny.....I was meant to continue with UIU on my that is what I did.  Thanks Fran for UIU.

This week finds us in Canada.  I did my usual research about Canada and found many interesting facts.  I loved the flag and thought about doing a flag....but decided to get back to my fashion theme and decided to check out the uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
So my story is about a photo shoot of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and I decided to paper piece a uniform.


The uniform was completely paper pieced.  I found an image I liked on the internet and selected scrapbook papers that matched the colors of the uniform.  I started with the boots...cut them out....inked in the details.
Then I cut out a pair of pants.  Next was the uniform jacket.  I then added the belt, buttons, pockets and the neckline and shoulder emblems were added.  Each piece was inked for details and all edges were inked.
Last item was the hat.  I made several attempts at adding a face to the uniform but I failed miserably with the faces so I went with the fashion concept.  Placed uniform on scrapbook paper and did a tag with twine.
I was very happy with my paperpieced uniform.    I know I need to practice making faces for future reference.


Story continues with:

Dear Ann:
I love my Canada doing a special about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  The men
are fantastic to work with, love what they do & are very handsome.  I am so over that other guy.
I have a date with Charles who is one of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the shoot.
We shall see what happens.  Arm is all healed back to my old self.  Give my love to John and
Andrew. Love and kisses ...Zoey.

Ten postcards down and only 42 more to go.


  1. what a great postcard. lots of work has gone into it, a great idea. nice storyline to..

  2. I love it! makes me wish I could see papers this way <3

  3. A couple years ago I played around with paper piecing a lot. I still really like to see it! Too bad it's so time consuming but it's really worth every little step!!! Great card! ♥

  4. Great costume card, I love your textures. A xx

  5. You did an amazing job! Can't wait to hear about her date!

  6. Brilliant paper piecing! I bet it took some time to do.

    Janet xx

  7. Wonderful, well worth the effort, your card looks fab! M

  8. Wow...not exactly heartbroken is she lol :D You did an amazing job on the paper piecing...fabulous!! :D XXX

  9. What a great idea to paper piece the uniform. :) Love it! I chose the mounties, too, only I gave them faces as well. :)

  10. Great paper piecing, it makes a lovely card

  11. Your paper pieced uniform looks amazing.
    Jen x