Friday, March 30, 2012

Melted Crayon Technique by Martha

Melted Crayon Technique is something I learned from watching Martha on Ustream - SeekingforArt.    This was my first attempt at trying it.  While arting I accidently turned over my iron, causing a electric breaker to blow.  Hubby had to go to basement and reset it.  It also turned off the TV in the livingroom which is connected to cable.  So being cable challenged I had to call my daughter to see how to get the cable to come back on and after hubs unplugged the cable box for 10 minutes it came back on.  But here is my end result:

So I need to work on this a little bit....but I love trying new things and I loved the sparkle I got using the glitter crayon.  Will work on some other colors.

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