Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Torn Paper Collage

I am taking a free Torn Paper Collage class at our local library.  We were to pick an image we wanted to transfer to a canvas.  Step A:
Next copy image to tracing paper.  StepB:
Next step was to use carbon paper and trace the image on to the canvas.  Step C:

Next step was to work with our colors and determine colors mixing our paints.  Step D:

Next step was to paint the canvas for a background to our paper.  Step E:

Next step was to start collaging using paper.  I used old music sheets for the packground. Step F:

Next step was to add torn paper to the main object.  Well of course I had to select something that was a very hard color to match.  So I selected paper close to the colors I wanted and then I ended up painting the paper to get a close color match.  I then added a ribbon to the bottom of the collage.  Step G - Finished Torn Paper Collage:

So it is finished.  Not sure about the colors and shading as I seem to have lost the shape of the Calla Lillies but I am happy as it is my first attempt at it.  I used Mod Podge as it was what I had on hand.  This was an almost UIU (use it up) project, I purchased the canvas from the teacher for $1.00.


  1. What a wonderful library you have!! Thanks for taking photos of each of the steps! Putting this in my idea book. tfs

  2. This is really beautiful Cindy! Not something I would have thought to do but it turned out so well!

  3. That is a really cool project. SOunds like it would be something fun to try.