Thursday, June 14, 2012

Postcard #24 - Italy

This week finds us in Italy.  Postcard front:
Busy this week with grandkids baseball tournaments and ball games so I took the easy way out.
I created a paper pieced flag, used letter stickers and picture from a food magazine.  Simple but I am keeping up......may get behind.....2 more tournaments this weekend and next and then going on vacation.  We shall see what happens.

Postcard Back:
Postcard reads:
November 11, 1997
Dear Ann:
Oh my gosh...I cannot believe Bill's company is doing a project in Rome.  We are going to be here for 6 months.  I have taken a leave of absence from work and will be helping on some projects for Bill's company.  Have done a  little sight seeing & shopping....sending gifts to the kids.  Hugs & Kisses to John, Andrew & Isabella  Love and Kisses....Zoey.

Again another UIU project. 


  1. Yummm is right Abby J

    6 months in Italy Sweet

  2. Great quick card. I am getting hungry now! Well done keeping on keeping on with all your commitments.

    Janet xx

  3. ooo more food, love the pasta photo. Great piecing of the flag colours too, adds lovely texture.

  4. The colours , the food, it's all fab! M

  5. Mmmmm...can't fault Italian cuisine :D Nice to see Zoey is settled in a relationship :D XXX

  6. I klnew pasta & pizza would be someone's topic this week...
    Love the simplistic appeal of the card.(hope the ball games went well?)

  7. a lovely card. I know the feeling, not to want to miss a week, but with grandchildren always busy...

  8. Some weeks it is hard to get the postcard done, so well done you managing it with everything else. Nice idea too, Italian dishes are yummy.
    Jen x