Thursday, June 28, 2012

PostCard #26 - USA

This week find us in the good old USA....which is where I live.  I chose to picture my front yard as the front of my postcard.

This was a picture I took of the dogwood trees in bloom in the Spring and you can barely see my house from the trees.


postcard reads:
Dear Ann:
Finally after all that traveling we are back in the USA visiting Bill's grandparents in Evansville, IN.
We traveled here to tell them they are going to be Great-Grandparents in September.  Postcard is actual photo of their home.  Bill has such fond memories of this home.  Hugs & kisses to John, Andrew & isabella. Love and Kisses .... Zoey.

Another UIU project:


  1. Sweet card, & lovely front yard <3

  2. Whoo hoo!!!! Finally!!! Zoey is going to love being a mother...I hope :D Gorgeous house, I thought it was snow when I first looked at it :D XXX

  3. Marvellous picture! I thought it was snow too.

    Janet xx

  4. wow that photo is simply stunning, how amazing to have those in front of your house.

  5. A great postcard.lovely photo.good story line..

  6. How wonderful to look out onto those trees in blossom.
    Jen x