Thursday, June 21, 2012

Postcard #25 - Australia

This week finds us in Australia.  I did all kinds of researching....the flag, kangaroos and boomerangs.  I then went and checked out my old National Geographics and found an article about Australia.  One of the pictures I found was of a Salt Lake in Australia.  I thought ..... looks like something I could do with water colors....and I wanted to use them more than I have.  So the Salt Lake.....not very colorful but  something I thought I could handle.

Postcard Front:
Postcard Back:
Postcards reads:
June 11, 1998
Dear Ann:  I can't believe it has been almost a year since I started working with Bill.  We are having a great time working together & traveling.  We are in Australia-----Down Under.  I could stay here forever.  It is absolutely beautiful.  We saw the Salt Lakes today & Kangaroos tomorrow.  Hugs & kisses to John, Andrew & Isabella  Love and kisses....Zoey.

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  1. Your postcard is wonderful. Your painting is just right and you have depicted a salt lake perfectly.

    Janet xx

  2. thats a really interesting image you have created, I really like the watery wispy feel to it. Very ethereal.

  3. an interesting postcard.. well done

  4. Your water colour is super, feels very ethereal.
    Jen x