Thursday, August 16, 2012

Postcard #33 South Africa

This week finds us in South Africa.  Again I was pressed for time.....looked through my old National Geographics and found a map of South Africa. 

Postcard Reads:
November 23, 2001
Dear Zoey:
Zoey I really miss you and Sophia.  Wonderful project here in South Africa.  Plans for the children's wing of the hospital is coming along.  This will be a great asset for the children.  Very proud to be part of this project.  See you soon.  Can't wait for Thanksgiving with my family.  Love you and Sophia......Bill

Another UIU project:


  1. Thanks for staying in the challenge - the card is great

  2. great card, I love that you used a map with lots of info on it, lovely rich background colour.

  3. Aaaw...doesn't seem to be getting much time with the family. Great idea for the card :D XXX

  4. Sorry so late getting round to look. Like your map, quite different from many I saw.
    Jen x