Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Postcard #27 - Isle Of Man

Posting this a little earlier than usual but we are going to be busy and wanted to get it done.
This week finds us in Isle of Man.  Front of postcard:

Back of postcard:
Postcard reads:
July 15, 1999
Dear Ann:
Last trip before the baby comes in September.  Bill is doing a little research on another company project and I am just resting and enjoying the view.  I am so excited about the baby shower you have planned for us in August.  Yes we are still keeping the sex of the baby a secret, no hints.  Hugs & kisses to John, Andrew & Isabella  Love and Kisses Zoey

This was another watercolor postcard.  I found a stunning picture of the Isle of Man and went for it.

A UIU project:
Nothing purchased for this postcard.  Everything used was in my stash.  Thanks Fran for the UIU.


  1. a lovely postcard, and a nice story..

  2. Oow how I'd love to live there...in that cottage!!! :D XXX

  3. What a pretty little crofters' cottage :)

  4. Lovely water colour. Looks like a peaceful place to be.
    Jen x

  5. Wonderful croft cottage, nice to look at but, I suspect, not very comfortable to live in! Love the UIU idea, must try it myself.

    Janet xx