Thursday, July 12, 2012

Postcard #28 - Germany

Most of this week I was on vacation and did not have time to make a great postcard.
I just threw it together because I have a fear of getting so far behind I will give up.  So nothing fancy but I did get it done.

postcard reads:
Dear Ann:  Thanks for inviting Zoey to stay with you while I make this quick trip to Berlin, Germany to finalize the details of the new company contract.  I was worried about having to leave Zoey but I know she loves you and your family and will be well cared for while I am gone.  Thank you see you next week.  Bill.

Again this was another UIU project:


  1. Oh...hope he makes it back before the baby arrives :D XXX

  2. nice card. I feel I must do one, no matter how busy I am. dont want to get behind. A good card.

  3. Nice job I'm finding it harder this summer to find time to art too- So hang in there and Let do all 52

  4. Great job! So hard to keep up when there are holidays and work to do!

    Janet xx

  5. Super card. I know just how you feel I was away last week too and rushed to do mine when we got back Sunday evening. If I get behind I will never get to 52.
    Jen x

  6. I really like this card, anything with maps on it is a winner for me lol Very stylish way of circling Berlin, almost Bauhaus looking.