Thursday, July 19, 2012

Postcard #29 - Ireland

This week finds us in Ireland.  I  did a simple postcard.  Used my cricut to cut out letters, inked and stamped a little on the card.   Very simple but it keeps me going.

Front of Postcard:
Back of Postcard:
Postcard reads:
Dear Zoey:
Hope all is well with you, Bill and Baby Sophia.  It is so much fun being best friends and mothers together.  I got an assignment from the newspaper to do some research in Ireland and was able to bring the family along with me.  Beautiful country.  Love....hugs...kisses to you, bill and Sophia. ANN

So the story continues and Zoey and Bill had a baby Girl.....SOPHIA.

This was another UIU postcard......nothing purchased to make this card.   Everything used was in my stash.


  1. OOw Sophia is such a pretty name...hope the birth went well :D XXX

  2. it might be plain and simple, but very nice..nice name for the baby...

  3. I love hearing about new babies! Valerie

  4. Great a baby girl, I got another grand niece this month. Cheers

  5. And the story takes another turn! Think this UIU is a great idea, trying my best!

    Janet xx

  6. Very effective card. Well done for keeping your story line going so well.
    Jen x

  7. great card, sometimes it just needs to be simple. I love the dimension you adding with stencilling thru sequin waste.