Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Almost Killed Husband....

It was an accident.  I decided to move my scrapbook room from upstairs down to the main level of the house.  Well that big  piece of furniture with 12 - 12x12 cubby hole  which I swore when they struggled to get it up our staircase would be up there forever, came down the steps a lot faster than it went up.  Bob was at the bottom end and the thing almost crushed him.....well didn't crush him but did scratch him took off down those steps .....about a 200 lb. wooden shelf.....skidded to a stop at the bottom of the steps, good thing he can move fast.  Didn't break any bones, just scratches....could have been a lot worse.  He didn't swear or anything but I think he wanted to bust it up for firewood.  But he didn't, we put the little slider pads under it and slid it into the scrapbook room.

Here is the almost murder weapon:

I swear that piece of furniture will not be moved after this, but I think I remember saying that one time before.  I swear this more moving it.  Now I just have to sort my hoard of scrapbook stuff and get it loaded up.


  1. So glad he made it... I bet his muscles are sore tomorrow from the unexpected Jump! Put him in a nice hot tub and give him a good massage, he deserves it! :)
    And tomorrow is another lovely day to fill those boxes with all your supplies! Don't tell me this is all... :)