Thursday, January 5, 2012

What was I thinking......I wasn't

What was I thinking when I decided to do Darcy's Postcard Challenge.  We were to create 2 characters, 2 addresses.  Each week Darcy will post a new country. We are to take inspiration from that country  to create a postcard.  We will be creating a story with the 52 postcards.

 Well I jumped head first into the challenge.  Picked my characters and addresses (that was the easy part).
Next I cut some post cards.  There is not much room on those things to create much of a story but I can figure that part out.

First country....AUSTRIA... the only thing I could think of was the movie THE SOUND OF MUSIC and those von Trapp children in those clothes made out of the draperies.  When I finally decided on a somewhat postcard design, I put it together but glued the paper down crooked, pulled it up and tore it.  So I did it all over again.

I really wanted a rubber stamp that says POSTCARD and has the lines to make it look like a real postcard.  I had husband drive me to JoAnn's but they didn't have any.  I bid on one on Ebay but lost the bid.  Then I remember that Fran has a I Pledge to Use It Up in 2012.....which means shop in your own supplies and use what you have on hand. 

So I rummage through my supplies and found an alphabet set of stamps and spelled out POSTCARD with my stamps.  While looking around I found a rubber stamp of a postage stamp except it is an Italian stamp but what the heck maybe no one will look close enough to see that all of my cards will be postmarked in Italy.

So after completing my masterpiece I noticed that one of the letters in POSTCARD is turned sideways....but I decided what the heck it gives the card a little character.  I proudly took the card to show my husband and I said I only have 51 more to go. 

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