Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pizza Box Challenge - Done

I got Mitzi's Pizza Box Challenge done.  Again I was able to UIU...Use It Up....I used what I had on hand or I asked for what I didn't have and paid nothing for this challenge.

We are on low carb diet so we are not eating pizza.  Pappa John's was glad to supply me with 2 - free large pizza boxes.  I had a collection of wallpaper books, so I got them out from under the bed and used the large paper to cover the box.  I was able to use the decorative papers in the wallpaper book to decorate the box.  I then used alpha stickers that I had on hand to give the box a title.

UIU = no money spent on this challenge
pizza box - free
wallpaper - already on hand
alphas - already on hand
paints - already on hand


The pizza box was large enough to hold 12x12 paper, therefore I made a storage box to hold Scrapbook Layouts in Progress.   I complete the challenge and made something that I will use.  Thank you Mitzi for the challenge.

1 comment:

  1. Yay, great to see you UIU too! Just here to support a fellow owner of too much stash... :)
    I love the way you changed your pizza box! ♥