Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 18 Postcard - New Zealand

This week's postcard was made with UIU - Use it Up with products that I already had on hand.  Nothing new was purchased for this postcard.

This week's postcard finds us in New Zealand.  I did some research and found there were lot of trees, birds, sheep and water around New Zealand.  I  tried a new technique that I learned from Martha-SeekingforArt on Ustream.  It was melting crayons with an iron and working the colors onto paper.
The background of my postcard used various greens and purple crayons and topped with a glitter crayon to give the background sparkle.  The background may not show up well on the scanned postcard but it is absolutely beautiful.  You get different background  with each swipe of the iron and melted crayon.
I added a title and photo from National Geographic Magazine to complete the postcard front.

Back of postcard:

Card reads:
March 11, 1993
Dear Ann:
Having a wonderful vacation in New Zealand with my brother and his family and friends.
They had been planning this family vacation for a few years.  New Zealand is beautiful.
Brother's friend from high school, Bill Moore, tagged along.  I had such a crush on him.
Maybe I still do.  We have plans for dinner when we get home.
Love and kisses....Zoey.

It looks like Zoey may have found romance right in her own backyard.  We shall see how
this new romance plays out for her.

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  1. thats a great technique, I love melted stuff lol I am sure I was a pyro in a previous life. I worry about sealing pieces with wax crayons on them? did you seal your card?