Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 21 - England

This week's postcard is again another UIU (Use It Up) project.  Everything used in this postcard was already in my stash.

My postcard from Africa storyline left us with a wedding come up in 3  months.  I had decided Darcy would direct where the honeymoon was going to take place.  And ENGLAND is our honeymoon destination.  What girl wouldn't want to honeymoon in England in a Castle.....see a theme coming here.

Postcard Front:
Thoresby Hall is an actual Hotel and used for weddings in Nottinghamshire, England.
I was able to find this photograph in a garden book I have been using for collages.  A
Castle for a honeymoon.....perfect.

Postcard Back:

Postcard Reads:
June 02, 1996
Dear Ann:
I just wanted to thank you for helping me find the perfect destination for our Honeymoon in
England.  What a dear friend you are to help me with all of the details.  Guys don't think about the
Princess and Castle thing but I am so happy to be making Zoey's dreams come true.  Can't wait
to become her Prince on June 21st.  Love Bill


  1. Wow, now that would be some wedding! what a beautiful building. Super card! M

  2. I am all about using what I have on hand (being that I live in the boonies and art stores NOT a short trip!)

    Lovely card. Will we see wedding photos?

  3. yay another wedding, and what a beautiful setting...sigh..oh to be married in a castle, how perfect.

  4. This is such a lovely storyline...and I know it's a real place, because we drive passed it on a weekly basis visiting/taxiing our eldest to Uni in Nottingham :D XXX

  5. a lovely card...some wedding that will be. are we all invited...

  6. Looks like a place I'd love to visit!

  7. Lovely place for a wedding, makes a super postcard.
    Jen x