Friday, May 11, 2012

Postcard Week 19 - Bulgaria

This week again was a UIU - Use It Up project.  Grandchildren's baseball season has started and with games every night and sometimes 2 a night....I have been simplifying my postcards to keep up.  I am afraid if I get behind I will never catch I went with simple.

Postcard Front:
I went with the flag.  I used white paint, green and red ink.  Cut letter on my Cricut and there is a very simple postscard.

Postcard Back:
I have continued to keep my postcards the same on the back side.  My storyline has jumped two and a half years to the year 1995.  I did research on Bulgaria and found that the heavy metal group Iron Maiden did a concert in Sophia, Bulgaria on October 16, I jumped my storyline to that year.

Postcards reads:
October 17, 1995
Dear Ann:
What a night in Sofia, Bulgaria doing a shoot for the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.  I love these freelance assignments and I was able to bring Bill along.  Drum Roll please....we can start plannning my wedding because we set a date after a year long engagement.  Who would have thought my love was in my life all of this time.  Love and kisses....Zoey.

If you will recall our New Zealand postcard left Zoey on family vacation with her brother and family and his high school friend, Bill Moore.    So the story jumped ahead.....after many months of dating off and on, Zoey and Bill are  in love and got engaged......after a year long date is set.......we shall see what happens next.


  1. nothing wrong with simple especially this card! well done

  2. like your flag...a good storyline.enjoying reading your postcard..

  3. Your flag is fab, it might be simple but I think it's a great way to represent a country! M

  4. Simple and visually striking, well done!

  5. Oh, she's getting married! :) Well congrats! :)

  6. Simple and very effective! Well done keeping up. I am away this week and panicking already!

    Janet xx

  7. HOORAY!!!! :D So glad Zoey has finally found love :D XXX

  8. Well done, I am away too and the thought of playing catch up if I can't do one is scary. Your flag is great and the story too. I like a bit of romance.
    Jen x