Thursday, May 31, 2012

Post Card Week 22 - Thailand


This week finds us in Thailand.  Again my postcard was made UIU - using it up with supplies that I already had on hand.  I decided to again try watercoloring.....I had not done this since my first attempt in Spain.  I sketched a house on stilts and a waterbus that I found in a Thailand travel picture.

Front of Card:
Back of Card:

I have progressed the storyline ahead a year.  Zoey has just celebrated her one year anniversary after the honeymoon in a castle in England in the land postcard.

July 12, 1997
Dear Ann:
Doing a quick photo shoot in Thailand.  Should be back to the states in a couple of days.  It is hard to believe Bill and I just celebrated our first anniversary.  Bill is in California this week doing research on a new project for his company.  We expect to be home in a few days before your party.  Hugs and kisses to John, Andrew & Isabella.  Call you when I get home. Zoey.


  1. Looks like a typical Thai scene, Cindy...beautifully done!! :)

  2. You have caught the essence of the place with this lovely drawing.

    Janet xx

  3. great card, I love the house on stilts. Keep up with the watercolours, you are doing great.

  4. a lovely drawing well done with the watercolours

  5. Great card, love the colours. A xx

  6. Oh, I would love a house like this. I can imagine the slowly going water underneath gives a lovely sound to fall asleep with!
    Love your card! ♥

  7. JAmie nice job on the "life on the river" Amazing how many things peole have picked as their images this week.