Friday, May 18, 2012

Postcard Week 20 - West Africa

This week's postcard is again another Use It Up project.  I was able to make the postcard with supplies I had on hand.

Postcard Front:

I did my research on West Africa and was intrigued by the Tribal Masks and learned that most of the masks have a spiritual or religious linking to them.  My mask was drawn in pencil and colored in with markers.  It was placed on a paper and title added.

Postcard Back:

Postcard Reads:
March 17, 1996
Dear Ann:
Doing a shoot in Nigeria, West Africa on Tribal masks and culture clothing.  Only here for 2 days.  I told them I need plenty of time for wedding details. Can hardly believe in 3 months I will be married to Bill.  He is planning the honeymoon and is keeping the location a secret.  See you in 10 days for final fittings of our dresses.  Love and kisses.....Zoey


  1. wow! thats great mask..wonder will she get back in time for the weddding.........

  2. Super mask, love the background too.

    Janet xx

  3. Sweet story going on!!!!!!
    Great graphic card, very strong!!

  4. great mask, and i love how you used the themed paper behind it too.

  5. STrong image for your mask - feels powerful :)

  6. Super mask for your postcard.

  7. Oh, wedding excitement is on. :)) Great tribal mask!

  8. Love the mask -it's so primitive looking...

  9. Yes the masks are very much for a meaningful purpose, very impactful

  10. Super tribal mask, makes a great postcard.
    Jen x

  11. Amazing mask. Very well done. I also like the background paper you used.